Youth Ministry

Weekly lessons to help Middle and High School students grow in faith.

November Curriculum: 4-week study from Timothy on Wisdom

We all make exchanges — all the time, in fact! Whether you're shopping, texting your best friend, swapping snacks at the lunch table, or returning a wave to a neighbor, most of the exchanges we make aren't very memorable. But the exchanges that stick with us are the exchanges we have with people who impact our lives for the better.

Maybe you've exchanged meaningful advice, wisdom, or encouragement with your friends, family members, heroes, coaches, pastors, or younger people you've invested in. Those exchanges are what this series is all about. In this four-week series from 2 Timothy, we'll explore some advice the apostle Paul gave to Timothy, a guy he was mentoring, because we can learn from Paul's wisdom too. Through it, we'll see how we can all exchange wisdom with each other (no matter our age) by helping each other discover our gifts, develop discernment, get equipped, and find strength.

Youth Discipleship: Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.

Bible study, games, art, problem-solving, engaged discussions and more for young people in 6th - 12th grades. Meets in the Family Ministries Classrooms.