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Preschool Ministry

2024 - 2025 Registration

2024 - 2025 Registration

Preschool Ministry at South Reno UMC

At South Reno UMC we offer a faith-based preschool program grounded in Christian values. We offer hands-on experiences that nurture and encourage children in academics, faith and community. The preschool ministry was born in 2007 as a community outreach arm of South Reno United Methodist Church.

The vision of the preschool is to grow children who recognize and use their unique gifts, show integrity, act respectfully, embrace creativity, and value stewardship.

Our mission is to guide children in hands-on activities in a loving and caring environment that encourages self-direction and plants the seeds of faith. 

We nurture the whole family, believing that when we work cooperatively for the best of the child, everyone will be successful. Through the natural love of play and exploration, we create an environment where children are free and safe to explore the environment and learn through a variety of hands-on techniques. The curriculum supports each child’s unique physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development.

We would love to meet you and your family.


If you have further questions concerning our preschool ministry, simply click the button below and get in touch with us! Or call 775.851.1181.