Preschool Ministry

Enrollment for 2022/23 School Year is now open!

Preschool Ministry at South Reno UMC

At South Reno UMC we offer a faith based preschool program, grounded in Christian values. Our program offers hands on experiences that nurture and encourage children in not only academics, but faith and community.

We nurture the whole family, believing that when we work cooperatively for the best of the child, everyone will be successful. Through the natural love of play and exploration, we create an environment where children are free and safe to explore the environment and learn through a variety of hands-on techniques. Curriculum is developed based on the interests of the children and supports each child’s unique physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development.

Our Goal and Core Values

We provide a Christian atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, play, and grow.

Our goal is to meet each child’s individual spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs through the highest quality curriculum, personnel, and facility.

Core Values

Education - we recognize every moment as a learning moment and instill a love of searching

and exploring for answers to our questions

Faith - we keep Christ at the center of our lives and all of our daily decisions. We know God

will bring good out of every situation.

Family - we value our families and recognize them as the most valuable teacher in a child’s life

Integrity - we are honest and and kind to all and follow the rule of Jesus to love one another

Supportive - we work and collaborate with others for everyone’s benefit

Respect - we value and care for ourselves, others, our environment, and world

Creativity - we use imagination to think, learn, and solve problems in new and different


Stewardship - we contribute what we can to God’s world to make it a better place

We would love to see you and your family visit us.

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our preschool ministry, simply click the button below and get in touch with us! Or call 775.851.1181 option #1