If you're ready to go public about your decision to be a Christ-follower, let us celebrate with you

Explore Baptism

Whether you may have said “yes” to Jesus years ago, or just now, this is your chance to go public for Jesus the way He has asked you to.

We are offering an opportunity to you who want to stand and be counted as having placed their faith in Jesus, to be able to do so through the sacred act of baptism.

People who get baptized are not doing it because they have it all together. They don’t. None of us do. Baptism isn’t about reaching a certain spiritual level –it’s about the decision you’ve made to begin.

It’s about whether you have crossed the line from not believing to believing, from not being in a relationship with Jesus to being in a relationship with Jesus, from not having Him in your life to having Him in your life.

It’s about the life you want to live, not the one you have lived or the one you are living.

People who get baptized are people who have miles to go in terms of understanding all the ins and outs of Christian faith. They still have questions they can’t answer. They have miles to go in applying their faith to their marriages, their jobs, their finances, their habits... just like the rest of us.

What matters is that they crossed the line. They have asked Jesus into their life. And because of that, they are showing the courage and determination to do what He asked them to do. To go public with that decision in a very specific way.

And because of the importance of this, we want to make sure that anyone – everyone - who wants to be baptized can have the opportunity.

If you have crossed the line of faith to believe in Jesus, and you haven’t gone forward with making that public – no matter when that decision was made whether years ago or today - get baptized.

Jesus asks everyone who comes to Him to go public for Him through baptism. It’s the way Jesus asked us to own our relationship with Him before others. It’s when we stand up and are counted. It’s saying, “I’m not ashamed of my relationship with Jesus.” It’s when you declare to the world, “This is who I have decided to follow.”

Now a brief word for those who have been baptized before, whether as an infant or youth or adult. This is a time to remember your baptism. To renew your commitment. To reaffirm your desire to live for God and to honor those who have helped you to get to this next step. You can participate as well.

For parents wishing to baptize their infant children, you are also invited to participate, (Baptism will not be by immersion.)

So, anyone who has made this decision and wishes to make this public declaration, I would ask that you let us know by registering below.

If you are unable to attend In-person of September 18 and still wish to make this declaration please indicate that when registering. We will seek to work out how we might accomplish this important decision and declaration for you.